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List of refractory products cancelled export tax rebate

The list of refractory products with export tax rebate cancelled includes: silica sand and quartz sand, quartz, quartzite, kaolin, diatomite, corundum, natural corundum sand, natural garnet and other natural abrasives, wax stone, dolomite, rammed dolomite, asbestos, mica, unexpanded chlorite, unexpanded vermiculite and perlite, asphalt coke, petroleum coke, other silicon content < 99.9 9% silicon, products containing magnesite, dolomite or chromite, graphite or other carbon products for non electrical appliances, firebrick containing more than 50% magnesium, calcium, chromium and similar products, containing more than 50% alumina, silicon firebrick and similar products, other refractory bricks and refractory ceramic building materials products, other refractory ceramic products containing more than 50% graphite, and other refractory ceramic products containing more than 50% alumina.

The list of refractories to reduce export rebate rate includes cement clinker, white cement, other Portland cement, bauxite cement, expandable polystyrene in primary shape, carboxymethyl cellulose in primary shape and its salts. The export tax rebate rate of the above commodities decreased from 13% to 11%.